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The Revolution is Here.

The revolution for you health is here.

Read the blog series The State of Our Health Address to see the need for this revolution.

As a nurse who has worked in various hospitals and settings, I have been able to see a lot of the ins and outs of our healthcare system. We are in a crisis. There are not enough providers to give the undivided time, attention, and energy to personally helping each person at the level of care needed. And we are hurting because of it. it’s time to revolutionize the system.

In true nursing fashion, we are doing what we do best - sticking up and speaking out for our patients (for you!). We will continue to advocate for our patients to have the best care and the ability live their healthiest lives.

Enter coaching.

Coaching allows for this space - a devoted time for you to think, process, reflect, and dream. It allows for you to be seen and heard as a whole person - not just a diagnosis. We all know that life is so incredibly interconnected that it needs to be address holistically.

A huge aspect of coaching is walking with you through the implementation of education received. Many of us have the knowledge of what we need to do - and yet we still do not do it. Coaching steps into this gap to offer support and accountability in overcoming barriers to change.

Board Certified Nurse Coaches are the missing piece of the puzzle! We are working to help create lasting health combining the best of all worlds - modern medicine, holistic coaching, health education, and patient empowerment.

Let's work together to recalibrate your life!

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