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Ways to Recalibrate

There are many ways we can partner together to help create the lifestyle change you desire.

High Five after Workout

1:1 Coaching

This is a partnership centered around your growth, change, and accomplishment. When was the last time you had time focused solely for you and your benefit?

8 to Great

Join an amazing community as you walk through incorporating 8 daily habits to transform your life. As you meet for 10 weekly group coaching sessions you'll find support, accountability, encouragement, and friendship.

Friends in Nature

Home Organization

Believe it or not, your living environment is connected to your overall wellness. Let's work together to organize and de-clutter your space! What freedom it will bring.

Renewal Retreat

Step away from the busyness of the world to just be. Have time and space to listen and think. Learn about ways to incorporate restoration into your daily rhythms. Get outside and work with your hands. Connect with others desiring these same things.

Sitting on a Bench

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See you next retreat!

I got the opportunity to look at my life, what was going well and what wasn’t. Claire provided a way to not only evaluate those things in my life, but also added support to solutions and opportunities that arose through asking questions and challenging me to think more critically about important areas in my life. 
Claire is a great resource for anyone looking for a coach who cares about your personal growth and is willing not only to put in the time and effort, but also to challenge you in areas where you haven’t challenged yourself before to foster the most growth and positive change.

- Aden

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