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Jumping for a full and thriving life.

There is a full life waiting for you. Come and See.

Don't settle. It's never too late to recalibrate your life.


from surviving to thriving,

from sick and tired to inspired.

Does this sound like you?

- You are ready for change

- Tired and unsatisfied with areas of your life

- Life is controlling you more than you are controlling your life

- You've had it with the hustle and are ready for true meaning and purpose

- Life has gotten way too busy and you are not sure who you even are anymore

- The words renewal, refresh, and restore have never sounded so good

- Your health has been set aside, for a while now

- You know there is something more

- Your tank is empty

This could be you!

- Embracing change

- Clear vision for your life

- Living the thriving life you desire

- Rested, renewed, realigned = recalibrated

- New found energy and time to take care of your self

- Achieving your life goals and health goals

- Living in freedom of who you are

- Regained control over life

Ready to start?

Meet Claire

Holistic Wellness Coach, RN

I'm Claire - I've been on a journey to live a full and thriving life. Along the way I've found the desire to help others live a full and thriving life! I work with individuals who are done with the burnout of hustle, and are ready for the freedom that comes through recalibrated rhythms.


Coaching is a personal relationship that helps facilitate change. In today's world, people don't need more content to read and listen to - people need people. Let's walk on this journey together to cultivate the full and thriving life you desire!

Meet Claire, Holistic Wellness Coach and RN
Beautiful sunset

A year from now, you will have wished you started today.

Let's recalibrate today.

     Claire's empathy, expertise, and strategic guidance has enabled me to reassess and re-prioritize my life. From the very first session, Claire listened attentively and asked thought-provoking questions fostering an environment of self-discovery and reflection. Through our collaborative efforts, I gained clarity on my core values and goals, allowing me to make informed decisions that align with the future that I envision.

     Claire's approach to fostering healthy habits is both realistic and empowering. She did not just provide a list of generic recommendations; instead, she worked with me to develop a personalized plan that is applicable to me. Her insights into the psychology of habit formation and her motivational coaching style have been instrumental in helping me adopt and maintain positive changes. With Claire's guidance, I not only established healthier habits but also learned invaluable skills to navigate life's challenges with resilience and mindfulness. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire to anyone seeking a life coach who not only helps you set goals but also provides the tools and support needed to turn those goals into sustainable, life-transforming habits.

- Scott

Let's journey towards Holistic Wellness

personalized coaching


As crazy as it seems, everything that makes up your life is actually

all connected together:

- what you eat is connected to your body's strength, immunity, and ability to function, but also your emotions

- your social relationships are connected to your physical health as well as you mental health

- your work and finances are connected to your mental and emotional well-being

This is only the tip of the iceberg with seeing life holistically. Recognizing and understanding these connections is essential for overall well-being.


Holistic wellness seems more like a trendy phrase these days instead of something that is actually achievable. What does it actually mean?

Wellness is the optimal state of living. Not just surviving - but thriving! UMKC School of medicine defines it well: "Wellness is not just about physical activity and good nutrition. It includes positive choices and a sense of fulfillment spiritually, occupationally, psychologically, physically, environmentally and socially."

Ready to journey?

journey together to wellness
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