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How often do we

know what to do

and yet,

we don't do it.

What is Coaching?

A partnership empowering you to take your life back and be in control of your health.


Personalized Guidance: We will take the time to understand your unique needs.

Goal-Oriented Approach: Collaboratively set achievable goals and create a practical roadmap to get you there.

Motivation & Accountability: Discover your deep motivations and stay accountable on your wellness journey.

Lifestyle Transformation: Make sustainable, positive changes to your rhythms and routines, sleep habits, nutrition desires, body movement, and more.

Non-judgmental Space: Feel safe in a space where you can be yourself.

Stress Relief: Discover how effective stress management has ripple effect on your life.

Meet Claire

Holistic Wellness Coach, RN

     My journey for a full and thriving life 'officially began' when I reached the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was very aware of how unfulfilling and unsatisfied my life was and how exhausted I was mentally and physically. I was tired, burnt out, passionless, and directionless. However, my journey really has been life-long, developed by the little habits I did (or didn't do) and by the lack of a clear vision for my life.

     God has created us to be deeply relational people, but often times in my life I have relied solely on myself to change instead. This goes against how we were created! After reaching out and inviting people in - friends, mentors, my own coach - and surrendering to the Lord I was able to see the fruit of change and growth in my life.

     I love the process of growing and the journey to a full and thriving life so much that I cannot help but pass that on to others. Don't settle for a busy, average, mundane life. There is a full and thriving life waiting for you - come and see.


Behind the Scenes

Here's a little more about me.

I'm an outdoor adventurer, encourager, and disciple of Jesus. My vision for my life is to live a thriving life seeking Christ, loving others, and being a faithful steward. (But don't let my faith deter you from reaching out and connecting with me - it is completely up to you if Christian tools and prayer are brought into our sessions or not!)


My years working in the hospital as a registered nurse lead me to a variety of pediatric settings, oh how I love working with the kiddos! Nurses are ready to shift the current healthcare model, dare I say revolutionize? I have specialized training in an emerging healthcare model that empowers you to be the owner of your health and life. As a Certified Life Coach and Board Certified Nurse Coach*, it is my privilege to journey with you through a holistic nursing process that is focused on you. 

* I will be board certified in March of 2024 :)

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